Floating Astronaut USB Light
Floating Astronaut USB Light
Floating Astronaut USB Light
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Floating Astronaut USB Light

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One small step for man, one small light for mankind. Pun intended.

 Have fun and enjoy playing astronaut with this LED Astronaut USB Lamp! This novelty astronaut design LED night light is powered by a flexible USB cable that you can twist around or adjust to any angle you want. The clever design makes the light turn on and off by lifting visor of the astronaut helmet up and down. It doesn't even consume a large amount of electricity to function!

This awesome spaceman can be used to lighten up your keyboard, used as a lamp placed on your night table, or a really cool decorative piece on your desk. Its a great gift item for kids, adults and space travel enthusiasts.


Light Color: White LED 
Size: 5.5x2x1.7 cm
Charging by: USB 2.0 (Plug and Play)

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